This is a bit of a silly side project, it is yet another todo list, but with a bit of extra motivation.

For every todo you add you have to assign a monetary value to that task, if you fail to complete it within 24 hours then your card will be charged the amount you set. Just make sure you complete your todos and it won't cost you a thing.

What happens with the money?

Well I don't really know yet.

I will publish how much money I earn from this. Firstly any money will just go to covering server costs and other fees, anything else I may put towards developing new features, and if it makes a rediculous amount of money I will donate it to charity and let you know how your failures help others.

Who are you?

I'm Grant (, a Scottish web developer who enjoys making dumb things.

What if I forgot to check off my todo?

This is not a serious project so there is a button to refund yourself for any todo you are charged for. It should work for at least a week, after that it may be more difficult to refund you, but I'll try if you ask.

But I do rely on your honesty, refunds do cost me a small amount of money, and if you just refund yourself for every payment, then you are a bad person and will get no motivation from this app